Content Creation Tutorials

This page contains just a few of my tutorials.
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Design an engaging profile picture

Here I teach you how to design an engaging profile picture in Canva!

Canva HACK with magic edit!

Full tutorial Canva HACK about magic edit!

Design TIME 💖 Dancing Unicorn!

Have some fun creating this dancing unicorn design in Canva!

Let’s DESIGN with Canva!

Full tutorial on some creative designing in Canva!

Canva TIP! Put video inside letter frames.

Easily put video inside letter frames with this Canva tutorial.

Find CUSTOM and SPECIALIZED fonts!!!

I’ll tell you where I found these slime themed fonts.

Getting a cool texture effect on your designs!

Here’s how you can create a cool texture effect on your designs!

Canva TIP! Use Magic Assistant.

Let me show you how this will improve your work flow!

Full tutorial on using duotone in Canva!

Full tutorial on using duotone in Canva!

Canva FEATURE you might not know about!

Little known feature that will save you time and work!

The GRID feature on Canva!

Here I show you the amazing uses of the grid feature in Canva!

I LOVE this Canva HACK!!!

If you’re a digital product creator… this is for YOU!!!

Custom FONT Upload in Canva!

How to find Custom Fonts and Upload in Canva!

Color creation designer in Canva!

I’ll show you 4 different ways to create color palettes!

Have you seen the Brand Kit feature in Canva?

Let’s explore the Brand Kit feature in Canva!

Canva HACK! Transparent Background.

Let’s EXPLORE the transparent background, Canva HACK!

Canva’s Magic Resize Button!

Let’s explore Canva’s Magic Resize Button!

Become a DESIGN detective!

I’ll teach you to be a DESIGN detective!

Putting design knowledge into GROOVY action!

GROOVY ways to make Canva work for you!

Get ORGANIZED with Canva!

Here I show you some organization tips in Canva!